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Creativity is about Collaboration

Photographers often have preconceived concepts prior to getting to the shoots. It is often a requirement, particularly if material or props have to be bought, and sets to be built.

Models also have preconceived concepts, and they often discuss it with their photographer. And they come prepared with props and accessories.

However, some of the most striking art happens when there is room for interactive collaboration. Ideas built on ideas, where multiple sensibilities merge into a final product.

To illustrate this point, here are few examples from a recent photoshoot. Natalia lives in Miami, and is a model and an artist. My vision was to create a dreamy flowing look, coming from French illustrated books from the 1960s.


She wanted something with more impact. She insisted to swim toward the camera, breaking all sort of photographic rules -- pointing an object toward the camera makes it appear shorter, fatter. Do you know of any model interested in appearing shorter and/or fatter ?

So I obliged, and low and behold, striking indeed:

These two photographs were taken moments apart. I liked the concept so much, I tried it again with a different flavor, more inline with my style of photography.

This time, I asked Danielle to kick the background to spring her body toward the camera. I chose the Black&White rendition with higher contrast to highlight the ripples on the background created by her kick.

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