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Working underwater with a model

Underwater photography has it specific set of constraints. For example, you will be sharing a pool with your subject, be it a pregnant mom or an aspiring model. Communication is challenge: language barriers are augmented, you can only direct the subject in few bursts of words, and you cannot show them the way to pose.

Underwater photography is tiring. Muscles are strained by the end of a photoshoot. Ears could be filled with water. I use a salt water filtration system to avoid any chlorine, and reduce eye itching and skin irritation.

However, underwater photography is rewarding. The pictures are out of this world, and your subjects will be grateful for giving them a unique look into their beauty, into their characters.

If you are interested in trying it out, as a photographer, I suggest that you hire a model. Professional models are experienced in posing on land, and they know how to position their limbs to make the photo look gracious, despite fighting with the water element.

I had the pleasure to work with a professional model based in Miami, Irina. I may have been the first photographer to shoot her underwater, and her first session with me, we were both trying things out. As a professional model, Irina is tireless. Her first underwater photoshoot was with me: we both struggled to contain the air bubbles, the surface ripples, her buoyancy and her land-based posing reflexes. That said, the results were nothing but breathtaking from our first session.

Your photographic skills improving, you can start venturing into photographing friends or aspiring models. Take MacKenzie for example: she arrived to the first shoot with her dad, who is a swimming trainer and a lifeguard at Miami Beach. Being in the water seemed to be a family skill. MacKenzie had a lot of energy, and all in our shoots, she was continuously upbeat and trying new moves.

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