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Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is repetitive. I did it once, in 2004, for a friend in Colorado. The setup was idyllic: Durango is a small mining town near the four-corners, the mountains surrounding the area and the weather makes for great backdrops.

A couple of decades ago, the trend was to organize weddings in the most remote or obscure places. Google "wedding underwater" and you see a priest in a scuba gear celebrating an underwater wedding.

After some research, I realized that the underwater wedding theme was very, how can I say it, underwater-centric. Meaning that the fact that the pictures were taken underwater was more important than the sensibility emanating from visualizing the picture.

This is why I have just started a photographic project to try conveying human emotions as a couple, executed underwater, but where the underwater element is there for aesthetic reasons only.

Here are a couple of examples from the latest photoshoot done with Sara and Yohann, in a pool in Florida:

There is an exponential additional complexity when working with two people versus one. Having both body expressing a harmony in the same image is a difficult feat. With little training, Sara and Yohann executed beautifully. This was Sara's second photoshoot underwater, she knew what to expect. For Yohann, we did a 15-minute session solo, and he was right there at ease in his element.

I sure do hope that you like these.

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