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A Rainy Day in Florida

Models often tell me how they hope for a good weather day for their photoshoot. And I acquiesce, of course. Except that ...

A good weather day for underwater photography is NOT a blue sky and shining sun.

A good weather day is overcast, varying luminosity, diffused sun rays, alternating with harsh sunrays, and if we are really really lucky, few rain showers.

To the age old question on whether a fish feels the rain, we, underwater photographers, and models, do. And it is surreal. That was our photoshoot yesterday: early morning, overcast, sunshine, then showers.

Check this rendition from our photoshoot with Chelsy. We have seen these rain rings before, in other photographers' work, but not upside down.

And unlike usually rain photography, we, underwater photographers, have no concerns of the model's hair getting wet, or her clothing, or the camera gear, right ?

Now I wonder if we should plan our next shoot during a rainy day!

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