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Uniqueness of Underwater CosPlay

CosPlay (contraction of Costume Play) started gaining ground in Japan and moved to the US in the 1990’s. Serious CosPlayers often sew their own costumes, based on manga characters, kantai or comics. Conventions are great places to meet other cosplayers and to show one’s work.

Underwater, Archimedes’ principle means that buoyancy reduces the impact of weight, and as the body is lighter than the volume of water it displaces, the upward force is stronger than weight.

But enough about science, and let’s examine the benefits of underwater photography to CosPlayers:

  • Ability to “fly” or “float”

  • Ability to flow the fabric at a slow pace

  • Creative lighting, often surreal

  • Air Bubbles look like stars and create a space-like atmosphere

Nixxi prepared her own costume as Shimakaze, and had a blast in this photoshoot. She introduced me to the wonderful world of CosPlay.

Nixxi as Bismarck, kneeling on a puddle of water, hair blown: this is a “Double Inverse” technique and will be described in a future blog.

Riza (Wonder woman) arrived with her costume and make-up artist. The water-proof make-up held up very well underwater.

If you are a serious CosPlayer, consider documenting your work with an underwater photoshoot. When Art meets Hobby meets Lifestyle, magic is in the air, or to be exact, in the water!

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