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Preparing for an Underwater Photoshoot

A successful underwater photoshoot requires some preparation, some are common sense, but many are specific to shooting underwater.

Weeks and days before the photoshoot:

  • Practice breath holding while keeping regular face expressions.

  • Practice opening eyes underwater. Ocean water is too salty, chlorine in pools irritate the eyes. Best is if you have access to a salt water poor.

  • Practice changing your buoyancy with your lungs. Try sinking underwater by releasing the air from your lungs. This is the hardest and most useful exercise.

Day before the photoshoot:

  • Avoid alcohol and late nights. Hangover and underwater photoshoot don't go well together.

Day of the photoshoot:

  • Make-up: waterproof make-up only. Avoid false eyelashes, they don't hold up underwater.

  • Two hours before the photoshoot: wear ample clothing, to avoid skin marks. Skin marks due to a tight bra, or bra with metallic support, can last for hours, and will be very visible on every photo. Use instead an ample dress, a loose swimsuit or loose work-out clothing.

  • Bring with you: solid color swimsuit. White and black are the two best choices. If you have a large flowing dress, bring it.

  • Bring with you a towel, and a plastic bag to carry back your wet towel and your wet swimsuit/dresses. Bring a set of dry clothes to wear on your way out.

  • Cosplayers: your creativity can be unleashed underwater too!

And most importantly, bring your best smile with you: the day is meant to be an interesting and fun day for you, and the photographs produced will be there for a lifetime to remind you of the day you modeled underwater.

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