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Running Clouds

Late afternoon, as the skies turned warm, Ryann and I were still in the pool, trying different set-ups. The cool colors of the pool contrasted nicely with the orange hues.

Few months later, a digital animation brought the picture to life. Vectors placed on the image distorted the image, frame by frame, creating an illusion of moving clouds.

Applying similar mechanisms to Ryann's dress and her chiffon in differing directions completed the illusion.

Is this a video ? Is this a photo ? Is this an animation ?

For this blog to show an animated video, the file was converted to a GIF with a lossy compression, making the movement jaggy with a hiccup at the end of the loop. The original animation has better resolution and smooth movements.

On the question on how best to display this art: lot of creative possibilities, from a projector pointed to a white ceiling, to an appleTV, or even an iPad sitting on a pedestal.

This effect works best when the photograph has a large swath of patterns that, when shifted and distorted, they create a sense of movement. A large cloth, ocean water, clouds in the sky, are all examples that suit this technique.

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