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Unwrapping The Gift

On a Sunday late afternoon, MacKenzie and I were discussing the challenges of finding the right gift to the loved one. The conversation was difficult: we were shooting underwater. It was in bursts of 5 to 10 seconds while taking a breath for the next set of moves.

With her characteristic laughter, and as her father moved to the other side of the pool and cannot hear her, MacKenzie let it out: "I may be the gift my boyfriend wants the most."

"I may be the gift"

The eureka moment we were working for! Soon after, as she was saying how she regretted the joke, the plan was already in motion.

Her safety was the most important aspect of this composition. Her father is retiring from a 30-year stint as a lifeguard in Miami Beach. With his help, we placed the vinyl in front of her, keeping her access to the surface unobstructed.

The skin and hair color, the light and the glow of the underwater, the vinyl, the sparkle in her eyes: all the elements of a successful recipe were there.

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