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Above Us Only Sky - John Lennon, Imagine, 1971

The human brain is a paradox. While it allows for tremendous creativity, for dreams and for nightmares, it is also bound in a set of constraints learned since childhood.

The sky is blue. And a blue sky denotes happiness, optimism, positivity. Yet, warm skies denote melancholia and sadness. And romance. Why in the world did we put "Romance" in the sadness bucket ?

This is just one example of the set of constraints built into our collective systems. Then comes John Lennon's line in Imagine: "Above us only sky". Happiness. Elation. Which led us to ask the question: what if the sky was below us ? What if the ocean was above us ?

The human brains see the surface of the water almost always from above, from the air. The same waves, the same reflections, the same shimmers can also be observed from under the surface. It is the same surface, seen from a different angle.

One day, I asked Ryann to walk in the pool, keeping her head slightly tilted forward, half way under. Her walk was slow, majestic. She used her hands to balance her body underwater. Her steady pace allowed the chiffon to flow behind her. A black swan!

This is how we create art. Together, the model and I start with a simple question. The answers are usually from a different world. And the striking results wow the audience.

What's not to love?

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